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Do It Yourself SEO


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At first SEO can seem a little intimidating if not confusing but with a few tips you can put together a decent plan. The most important thing to remember is that there are rules and these rules must be followed. A good way of thinking about it – like most things in life – if it’s too good to be true then it is.

Every single minute of every single day the engineers at Google are trying to find ways of detecting web spam so keeping your optimization techniques on the up and up is going to be advantageous to you in the long run. SEO isn’t a quick fix and does take months to perform properly. In the mean time your competitors may cheat their way ahead of you but they will be caught and banished. Let me say that again, they WILL be caught.

On Page SEO Is Only The First Step

This is just the beginning though no more or less important than any other. Making sure to optimize title tags, site structure (proper heading) and page speed are factors almost as important as properly written content. Sound like a lot of work? It is so outsourcing this to someone who specializes in SEO is a good idea.

Properly Formatted Content Is Critical

You may have heard in the past that “content is king”. Well the past is present and nothing has changed. Just the reverse actually. Now having a “thin site” is far more detrimental that it has ever been.

What does all this really mean? Simply put your website must at minimum be of interest to the end user and hopefully it will also be engaging. I cannot stress this more, having your visitor stay on your site is not only good for sales but also for your ranking if you use Google Analytics. A high bounce rate spells disaster for you.

Your Content Should Attract Backlinks

As a small business it is considerably more difficult to attract links than it is for large companies with deep pockets for marketing campaigns. It’s not impossible though, and employing humour in your content is always a good start especially when posting to social media sites.

Don’t buy backlinks off some low priced guy on Craigslist it will harm your site. Think about it, can some random guy for $99 actually beat the combined intellect of 350 PhDs that work at Google? No. Hire a professional that will build links properly.

Create Some Buzz Through Community Participation

Just as in the offline world while online without participating in a community it’s hard to bring attention to what you are offering. Using pages and/or profile on social media sites is an excellent place to start and the bonus is that linking from these pages provides a natural – or organic – way of search engine optimization.

Quality Over Quantity

If you haven’t been solicited for tens of thousands of links to your site you will be. These types of links are completely disregarded by Google and the only one who will benefit is the person you are giving your money to.

In Conclusion

Google isn’t a person it’s a program. There isn’t a team of Google quality assurance inspectors looking at every site on the Internet. The engineers at Google have spent the first decade of the 21st century developing a system that automatically ranks websites based on quality. The good sites remain and the deadwood are swept away. Be wise with your SEO because it’s your business after all.

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